Klassische Sauna
Klassische Sauna
Klassische Sauna
Klassische Sauna
Klassische Sauna
Klassische Sauna
Klassische Sauna

Finnish Sauna with Heater

A Finnish sauna bath is taken in a dry heat – 80 to 120C – and with a cooling down period afterwards. If you enjoy a sauna bath with intense heat then RUKU’s sauna cabin with sauna heater is for you; your next sauna bath could be taken at home.



Health Benefits

Bathing regularly in a sauna has been proven to offer benefits to health and wellbeing. Heat kills harmful bacteria. Alternating between hot and cold as part of a sauna bath strengthens resistance against common cold. The dry, hot atmosphere increases blood circulation in the airways and mucus production is stimulated. In addition, a sweat bath cleanses the skin and skin appearance improves.

If you have a common cold then you should not have a sauna bath, or if you do not enjoy the hot air and the stress on your blood circulation, we recommend having a session in a RUKU Thermium. The Thermium’s infrared heating will make you sweat at relative low temperatures.



Isoholz insulation

RUKU Isoholz heat insulators are manufactured without any mineral wool. Air chambers between layers of wood and reflective aluminium foils deliver highly effective insulation. The advantages of using Isoholz: no health concerns, no deterioration due to humidity, and minimum heat loss.
The complete cabin – walls, ceiling, floor – is built with Isoholz.


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Sauna Heaters

We have the sauna heater that is best suited for your sauna, whether it is a floor heater, a wall mounted heater, or an under bench heater. Each sauna heater comes with rocks that can stand the heat, and you can pour water over the rocks.

Sauna heaters have to be safe; a solid heater guard protects you from getting burnt. All our heaters are tested by VDE and are GS certified.

Our sauna heaters are made of stainless steel. They are maintenance free, easy to clean, and made to last. A low heat output per heater element reduces the surface loading of the heating elements and thereby reduces wear.


Enjoy a steam bath in your sauna

Add a RUKU Meditherm to your sauna and you can also take a steam bath or an aromatherapy bath in your sauna cabin. A Meditherm provides air humidity of up to 100 percent. It has a ceramic bowl for diffusing essential oils and herbs.


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Our sauna cabin

  • Special sauna cladding, cladding boards with extra wide tongue and deep groove
  • Inside cladding and outside cladding, each with 16 mm thick boards
  • Screws not visible inside; nails or staples are not used
  • Only solid wood, no wood chip panels, no plywood, no hardboard
  • Solid, torsion free frame
  • Sauna benches are made with knot-free, splinter-free obeche wood


  • Highly efficient Isoholz insulation
  • Individually designed
  • Made to measure
  • Expertly manufactured



Examples of sauna cabins and Thermium cabins that were custom designed to blend into homes.

Do you like your sauna cabin or infrared cabin to blend in or do you prefer a special design that stands out? Individual wishes can be diverse and so are the options that we offer in the design of our cabins. Please talk to your RUKU sauna adviser to create the ideal solution for you.
Here are a few examples to give you some ideas.

Click on an image to view a larger version.


These examples of sauna cabins and Thermium cabins show a variety of wood claddings for the outside.


Click on an image to view a larger version.


Design examples of interior fittings. You decide on the configuration of your sauna cabin or Thermium cabin; our experts can advise you.

Types of Wood for inside and outside cladding boards

You can choose the type of wood you would like for ceiling cladding and wall cladding: pine, rustic pine, spruce or hemlock.

The cladding boards are 16 mm thick and have special routing on the backside. These boards are specifically made for our sauna cabins. They have a long service life and their extra wide tongues and deep grooves give the boards stability and ensure highly efficient heat insulation.


You have also the option to use specially selected woods such as Swiss pine. Our large selection of exotic woods enables you to give your sauna your personal touch.

Our advisers will be happy to advise you on the range of options available for designing your individual sauna cabin.



We can build your ideal sauna cabin.

RUKU builds sauna cabins according to your requirements and wishes – shape, size, design, fittings and furnishings.

Here is a selection of standard sizes and layouts. The door can be in different positions to meet the restrictions of your room. A made to measure version is possible when a cabin is to be placed under a slanting roof or when a room is irregularly shaped. The standard height of a cabin is 2.08 m; however, we can build a cabin lower or higher to meet the requirements on site.

Examples of individual sauna cabins:

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