Thermium Infrared sauna 3-in-1
Thermium Infrarotsauna 3 in 1


Water on lava rocks in an infrared sauna cabin


Infrared Sauna Thermium

RUKU’s Thermium is a very special infrared cabin. It has highly efficient Isoholz-insulation and an infrared heating system that is integrated into the Wall.

In a Thermium you can have a traditional Finnish sauna bath or an infrared sauna bath. When a Meditherm steam generator is included then it is also possible to have a steam bath and aromabath with a humidity of up to 100 percent.

Pleasant Infrared Heat

Panel heaters in the cabin walls deliver the heat in a Thermium sauna cabin. The wooden cabin walls get warm quickly but won’t get uncomfortably hot. The heat is radiated as long-wave, mild infrared-C; it feels like the pleasant heat radiated by a tiled stove.

Infrared heat is suitable for all ages. The body will feel hot and will sweat, but at a lower temperature compared to a Finnish sauna. Infrared heat acts directly on the body while heat from a sauna heater mainly heats the air.


An infrared sauna session offers a number of benefits compared to a session in a Finnish sauna: the temperature of a human body is just as high, but the air is cooler and therefore the air’s oxygen level is higher. Blood circulation is less stressed. Heat distribution in the cabin is more even.

More Space and more safety

A Thermium offers more space because there is no sauna heater in the cabin. The heating panels are behind the wall cladding. This completely eliminates the possibility of getting burned, and children can move around freely.

From mild heat to dry sauna heat

A Thermium offers more than other infrared sauna cabins: not just sauna bathing at low or medium temperatures, but also classical sauna bathing with air temperature up to approx. 80°C.

More on our patented infrared panel heating [learn more...]


Water on lava rocks

You can ladle water onto hot lava rocks in our infrared sauna and enjoy the steam emitted from the rocks. Each Thermium cabin comes with Therme; Therme is similar to a small sauna heater. It is mounted on the wall, and a guard shields the lava rocks inside.

Herbs or essential oils can be placed into its bowl to infuse fragrances into the cabin.

The installed power rating of a Therme depends on the size of the sauna cabin: either 600 Watt or 1,200 Watt.

The benefits

  • Patented, infrared heating

  • Special sauna cladding, extra wide tongue and deep grove

  • Inside cladding and outside cladding, each 16 mm thick

  • Screws are not visible inside, no staples, no nails

  • Only solid wood, no wood chip panels, no plywood, no hardboard

  • Sauna bench made with knot-free, splinter-free obeche wood


  • Up to six different types of sauna sessions in a single cabin

  • Highly efficient Isoholz insulation

  • Wide temperature range: 35 °C to approx. 80 °C

  • Individually designed

  • Made to measure

  • High quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship

Meditherm – dry sauna session


  • Warm sauna bath (40 °C, 20 % humidity)

  • Wellness sauna bath (60 °C, 15 % humidity), sweating starts after approx. 30 minutes

  • Hot air sauna bath (80 °C, 10 % humidity) duration: 10 to 15 minutes

Meditherm – wet sauna session


  • Therapy bath (40 °C, 35 % humidity)

  • Aromatherapy bath (50 °C, 60 % humidity)

  • Steam bath (45 °C, 100 % humidity) duration 10 to 15 minutes


Meditherm Steamer

Expand your thermium to a steam bath

Enjoying a Finnish sauna or a steam bath in the same sauna cabin? RUKU’s patented Meditherm steamer gives you the whole range from a mild warm air bath to a steam bath with 100 percent humidity.



More Information about Meditherm


individuell nach Ihren Wünschen gebaut

Wie alle RUKU Kabinen lässt sich auch ein Thermium ganz individuell gestalten. Ob Form, Größe, Design oder Ausstattung - bei uns gibt es fast keine Grenzen. Tauchen Sie ein in eine Welt voller Möglichkeiten und verwirklichen Sie Ihre persönlichen Wünsche und Vorstellungen. Mit dem Thermium der RUKU Sauna-Manufaktur wird Ihr Raum zu einer ganz besonderen Oase, die perfekt zu Ihnen und Ihren Bedürfnissen passt. Erleben Sie individuelles Design auf höchstem Niveau und machen Sie Ihre Kabine zu einem echten Blickfang. Nehmen Sie noch heute mit uns Kontakt auf, damit wir auch Ihren Traum erfüllen können >>>


Examples of sauna cabins and Thermium cabins that were custom designed to blend into homes.

Do you like your sauna cabin or infrared cabin to blend in or do you prefer a special design that stands out? Individual wishes can be diverse and so are the options that we offer in the design of our cabins. Please talk to your RUKU sauna adviser to create the ideal solution for you.
Here are a few examples to give you some ideas.

Click on an image to view a larger version.


These examples of sauna cabins and Thermium cabins show a variety of wood claddings for the outside.


Click on an image to view a larger version.


Design examples of interior fittings. You decide on the configuration of your sauna cabin or Thermium cabin; our experts can advise you.

Types of Wood for inside and outside cladding boards

You can choose the type of wood you would like for ceiling cladding and wall cladding: pine, rustic pine, spruce or hemlock.

The cladding boards are 16 mm thick and have special routing on the backside. These boards are specifically made for our sauna cabins. They have a long service life and their extra wide tongues and deep grooves give the boards stability and ensure highly efficient heat insulation.

You have also the option to use specially selected woods such as Swiss pine. Our large selection of exotic woods enables you to give your sauna your personal touch.

Our advisers will be happy to advise you on the range of options available for designing your individual sauna cabin.


Sizes and Layouts

We can build your ideal sauna cabin

RUKU builds sauna cabins according to your requirements and wishes – shape, size, design, fittings and furnishings.

Here is a selection of standard sizes and layouts. The door can be in different positions to meet the restrictions of your room. A made to measure version is possible when a cabin is to be placed under a slanting roof or when a room is irregularly shaped. The standard height of a cabin is 2.08 m; however, we can build a cabin lower or higher to meet the requirements on site.

Examples of individual sauna cabins:

Photos >>>

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