RUKU Außensauna
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[Translate to english:] RUKU Außensauna
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[Translate to english:] RUKU Außensauna
[Translate to english:] RUKU Außensauna

Photo gallery outdoor sauna cabins

Outdoor sauna cabins


Gartensauna / Außensauna

Das klassische finnische Saunahaus im Freien neu interpretiert

Geben Sie sich nicht mit einfachen Saunen zufrieden – gönnen Sie sich eine RUKU Sauna-Manufaktur Außensauna, perfekt angepasst an Ihre individuellen Wünsche und Bedürfnisse!

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You have space in your garden, on your patio or sitting area? We can design and build the perfect sauna cabin for you:

You decide on size, shape and interior fittings – the sauna will be state-of-the-art and meticulously built by our highly skilled craftsmen.


Relax and enjoy

We will lift your new sauna cabin using a mobile crane and place the cabin on the prepared site. Your enjoyment and relaxation begins as soon as we leave – no building site, no dirt, and no noise.


Entspannen und genießen

Der Prozess könnte nicht einfacher sein - wir liefern Ihnen Ihr neues Saunahaus fix und fertig per Autokran an den vorgesehenen Platz. Keine langwierige Baustelle, kein Schmutz und kein Lärm. Sobald wir gehen, beginnt für Sie die ultimative Entspannung!

Und falls es Ihre Örtlichkeit nicht zulässt, dann bauen wir die Außensauna vor Ort, per Hand auf - natürlich in Manufaktur Qualität.  

Exterior Design

in RUKU Quality

A RUKU garden sauna is built for a long service life even in the toughest weather conditions; sun, rain, ice or snow won’t do any damage.

You will be able to enjoy an “outdoor” sauna bath for many years to come.

We offer a variety of options for the appearance of your sauna cabin. You can select according to your preferences:

Stylish, hardwearing high-pressure laminate (HPL) panels are available in four colours as standard; we offer additional colours on request.

You prefer a natural look? We can build your garden sauna cabin with horizontal larch wood cladding.

Alternatively, the outside walls of your sauna cabin can be rendered.


Inside furnishings of the sauna cabin

Your outdoor sauna cabin can be built as a Finnish sauna or as an infrared sauna (Thermium). Our Meditherm steamer is an optional extra for outdoor sauna cabins; it gives the choice of six different types of sauna bath.

You can choose from different types of wood and wood treatments for the inside cladding. Sauna benches and loungers are made with knot-free, splinter-free obeche wood. You have a choice of options and accessories that will make your outdoor sauna cabin your own personal well-being oasis.


Overview of different cabin sizes

A RUKU outdoor sauna cabin, Finnish sauna or infrared sauna, is available in five basic designs; the size of each design can be chosen.


Model S is a compact outdoor sauna without vestibule. Models S1 VR-100, S2 VR-150, S3 VR-200 and S4 VR-250 offer a vestibule in different width.

Special sizes and custom designs on request.

Planning and execution

Planning according to your wishes

RUKU will ensure that your sauna cabin will fulfil your wishes and meet your expectations. Large glass fronts, wooden or wood/aluminium frames, with integral sliding doors, Finnish sauna, infrared sauna Thermium, or steam bath – you choose.


According to your wishes we will design and build your outdoor sauna cabin for your patio or your garden.


Well thought-out technology


Not only do we design the look of your custom made sauna cabin and vestibule but to enable you to prepare the site for the cabin we can also design the required electrical supply and the necessary concrete base.


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