[Translate to english:] RUKU Badelandschaft

We can build
a wellness environment for you

It can have a sauna cabin …

[Translate to english:] RUKU Badelandschaft

…  a Thermium and
a steam bath

Wellness Environment

RUKU can build a complete wellness environment for you: it can include a Thermium, a steam bath, a cold plunge tub, and a shower section. We have successfully completed numerous wellness environment projects. WE have experience and competence, and if necessary we can call on longstanding partner companies.

We are a one-stop supplier for you. You can request – without obligation – a consultation with our experts to discuss your ideas and possible solutions.


A recent example: a wellness environment with sauna, Thermium and steam bath.
Click on the photo to see the luxurious spa of Häfner's Flair Hotel Adlerbad in Germany Häfner's Flair Hotel Adlerbad



Accessories that enhance the wellness experience – loungers, plunge pool, heated benches – are also available from RUKU.