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Steam bath

Enjoy pleasing heat and high humidity

A steam bath with a humidity of 100 percent and temperatures in the range from 38 °C to   55 °C differs from a dry, hot sauna bath. The lower temperature makes a steam bath more agreeable for many. The warm, humid air relaxes the muscles and the whole body. Steam raises moisture levels in the airways, opens up pores and cleanses the skin.

Customised design

RUKU designs and builds steam bath cabins of all sizes, from a 2-person cabin to a large, commercial steam room. Your cabin will be designed to meet your requests and to fit into the available space. Sauna benches, for example, can be made straight, curved, semi-circular, or ergonomically shaped depending on cabin size.


Steam bath and shower in one cabin

When a cabin is tiled and has a drain then a showerhead can be installed in the cabin. Having the option of a steam bath and a shower in one cabin can be a suitable alternative to a separate bathroom with shower cubicle or bathtub, especially for older people or people with restricted flexibility.


Benefits and Facts

  • Gentle and healthy enjoyment
  • Easy purification of the body
  • Customised planning and design

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