Enjoy pleasant infrared heat

Patented infrared panel heating

Infrared panel heating


Our unique, patented infrared panel heating heats a Thermium sauna cabin. The panel heaters are integrated into the cabin walls; the heat is radiated as long-wave infrared. Infrared directly heats a body; in contrast, a sauna heater heats the air and then the air heats to body.

Benefits offered by infrared panel heating:

  • The air temperature in an infrared sauna is lower than the air temperature in a Finnish sauna although the body temperature is the same in both

  • The air’s oxygen level is higher at the lower temperature in a Thermium.

Our customers tell us that they feel the infrared heat is more pleasant and the air is not so stifling as the hot air in a Finnish sauna.

Cabin temperature from 35 °C to approx. 80 °C

In contrast to other infrared saunas cabins, you can select higher temperatures – up to approx. 80 °C – with a RUKU infrared panel heater. This opens up a wide range: from a Finnish sauna bath with high temperature and low humidity to a mild, warm sauna bath that relaxes the muscles.


  • Pleasant long-wave infrared

  • Higher oxygen levels in the air

  • Wide temperature range from 35 °C to approx. 80 °C

  • The complete Thermium cabin is made in-house

  • TÜV safety checked and GS certified

Infrared panel heater in a Thermium

The walls of a Thermium cabin are made up of different sections: heating section, ventilation section, electric section, and Isoholz section. The number of each section in the walls of a cabin depends on the size of the cabin.

All sections are maintenance free and are manufactured in-house. Two safety-fuses in each heating section protect the section from overheating; each heating section is TÜV safety checked and GS certified


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