Sondermodell "CHANGE"

Gerundete Saunadecke im Stabdesign

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Einweihung neue Fertigungshalle

Die RUKU Sauna Manufaktur ist im ständigen Wandel!

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Design Excellence for your Garden

RUKU’s designers combine experience and innovation to continually develop enhancements and new options for Saunas to enrich customers’ experience of pure relaxation and wellbeing!

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Excellence in cladding

The RUKU aspen wood sauna cladding

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Hemlock panelling highlights style

The rich and warm colour of hemlock wood complements the wellness-ambience of the RUKU Sauna Elegance.

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A boost for your immune system

RUKU Infratherm is an infrared sauna cabin that brings infrared heat into your bathroom.

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Lie down to rejuvenate

The ergonomic design and functionality of our RUKU Multiflex-Lounger

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Safe and stylish

The new RUKU heater guard. RUKU sauna heaters are renowned for their quality.

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RUKU: Focus on your back

The RUKU Relax-Backrest gives you exceptional comfort for your back.

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