Sauna bath or steam bath in a single cabin

RUKU’s patented Meditherm


When you have Meditherm, a wall-mounted steamer, as an optional extra in your Finnish sauna cabin or Thermium cabin then this will give you the opportunity to enjoy a steam bath in your cabin. You can choose the humidity: from a mild warm air bath to a steam bath with 100 percent humidity. Placing essential oils or herbs in the Meditherm’s aromatherapy diffuser can heighten your sensory experience.


Good for your muscles, airways, and skin

A steam bath offers a number of health benefits. It enhances overall wellness and relaxes tense muscles. The high humidity level of a steam bath is especially beneficial for the respiratory system. High humidity loosens mucus in airways and makes breathing easier. This is particularly beneficial in winter when central heating makes the air very dry.

Steam opens pores of the skin and washes out impurities. A steam bath increases blood circulation to the skin, making the skin look great.

Healing with herbs

Diffusing herbs or essential oils in the aromatherapy diffuser can increase the wellness benefits of a steam bath. For example, vapour from chamomile is antibacterial, reduces inflammation, loosens cramps, and assists in healing wounds.

The aromatherapy diffuser extracts the active ingredients from herbs or water-soluble additives. These and any added essences will evaporate. A stream of fresh air and steam will disperse a fine mist of active agents onto your skin and into your airways.

The aromatherapy diffuser can be used with a variety of herbs and essential oils; it will infuse your steam bath with the fragrances so you can enjoy the health benefits.


Ease of Use and Care

The Water container and vaporiser bowl can be taken out of the Meditherm to make filling easier.

All removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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