What makes RUKU sauna cabins so special?

Advanced patented features for your ideal sauna cabin

RUKU’s sauna cabins come with unique innovations. Specialities such as Isoholz insulation, infrared sauna cabin Thermium, three-duct-ventilation, and Meditherm steamer are based on patented inventions. You get the special extras that RUKU is renown for: durability, versatility, and comfort.




All RUKU sauna cabins and Thermium cabins are built with our unique Isoholz-insulation; we do not use any mineral fibres.




The infrared panel heating in RUKU’s Thermium offers all the benefits of a mild infrared heat and, in addition, the option of a Finnish sauna bath with a temperature up to 80 °C.




Enjoying a Finnish sauna or a steam bath in the same sauna cabin? RUKU’s patented Meditherm steamer gives you the whole range from a mild warm air bath to a steam bath with 100 percent humidity.




Well-designed and efficient ventilation ensures pleasant air in a sauna cabin, and it also dries a sauna cabin quickly after a steamer has been used during a sauna session.

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